Date: 1st January 2022

Project: Survey of views on the potential use of mood measuring smart clothing based on a story (a design fiction scenario)

School of Computer Science Ethics Reference: Approved

Funded by: This author is supported by the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Nottingham (RCUK Grant No. EP/L015463/1) and Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre (Mental Health Theme).

Purpose of the research.

The aim of this study is to present a design fiction scenario within the framework of an online survey. The online survey enables the researcher to gather qualitative data about the potential use of mood measuring smart clothing. The design fiction format will present the story of an individual as they monitor their mood using journaling techniques and then move to use smart clothing to help measure their emotions and mood.

Nature of participation.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and all participant data will be gathered from the written survey responses.

Participant engagement

Participation requires the participant to read a number of short scenarios about mood journaling and mood tracking using wearable technology.

Benefits and risks of the research.

Your participation may help us understand whether mood tracking clothing would be acceptable to the wearer as an alternative to, or supplement to mood journaling.

Use of your data.

Data gathered will be thematically analysed to understand the acceptability of mood tracking smart clothing.The data will be discussed in supervision sessions and will be analysed for dissemination in academic publications and PhD thesis. The anonymised data may be presented at academic conferences and university talks. Data may be retained and re-used for future research.

Future use of your data. 

Your data may be archived and reused in future for purposes that are in the public interest, or for historical, scientific or statistical purposes. Data will be stored on a secure University network.

Procedure for withdrawal from the research You may withdraw from the survey at any time and do not have to give reasons for why you no longer want to take part. If you wish to withdraw please contact the researcher who gathered the data. If you receive no response from the researcher please contact the School of Computer Science’s Ethics Committee.

Contact details of the ethics committee. If you wish to file a complaint or exercise your rights you can contact the Ethics Committee at the following address: