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Understanding Voyeurism

University of Nottingham, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee Research Ethics Ref:190-1812

General Information

Dr Simon Duff
Faculty of Medicine
Division of Forensic & Family Psychology
University of Nottingham
YANG Fujia Building
Jubilee Campus

Participant Information
Thank you for your interest in taking part in this online survey. You have been invited to participate as you are an adult over 18 years of age, residing in the UK.  Please read through this information before agreeing to participate by ticking the ‘NEXT’ box below.

This study is being carried out by Simon Duff, a Forensic Psychologist from the University of Nottingham’s Division of Forensic & Family Psychology. We are interested in investigating the general public’s likelihood of participating in certain behaviours and their reasons for these decisions. In part this is because as yet the basis for voyeurism appears to have been assumed rather than explored, and we are also interested in examining how a specifically UK population respond to these questions.

You will be given two short scenarios to read, and then answer questions on how likely you would be to participate in certain activities and your reasons for doing so.  It should take you about 15-20 minutes to complete.  No background knowledge is required, we are only interested in your views and opinions. Your data will be used to look at how people generally react to opportunities to take part in voyeurism and their motivations for doing so. The data will be anonymous and will only be used by the researcher.

How will your data be used?
Your answers will be completely anonymous and we will use all reasonable endeavours to keep them confidential.  Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You can withdraw at any point during the questionnaire for any reason by closing the browser.  You are free to omit any question.

Your data will be stored in a password-protected file and may be used in academic publications.  Your IP address will not be stored.  

Who will have access to your data?
The University of Nottingham is the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection.  Your data will not be shared.

We believe there are no known risks associated with this research study; however, for some people thinking about and answering questions related to voyeurism may be sensitive and if distress is experienced then there are a number of sources of support and information;

               Your GP
               If you are a University student, your University Counselling Service
               Stop So (

We will do everything possible to ensure your answers in this study will remain anonymous.  We will minimize any risks by not collecting personal data, other than some basic information, such as gender and age, and your IP number will not be recorded. All data will be stored on a secure dedicated University of Nottingham web server.  Access will be restricted by user identifiers and passwords (encrypted using a one way encryption method).  Electronic data will be backed up every 24 hours to both local and remote media in encrypted format. The data will be kept for a minimum of 7 years and then destroyed.

The results of the study may be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences.  The data will be reported anonymously, with any identifying information removed.

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