Welcome to this study exploring relationship experiences for transgender individuals. Transgender experiences in the UK are underresearched, and we are passionate about changing that. As you have clicked on the link to this survey, hopefully you are too!

This study will include demographic questions, and questionnaires about relationship satisfaction, relationship styles and overall health. These will help us to understand the makeup of the UK transgender population.

We recognise that so much of trans experience is personal and unique. We hope that this questionnaire can also create a space for you to express your own experiences and opinions in a confidential setting. There will be open ended questions for you to tell us as much (or as little) as you wish about your relationships.

If you would like to share more, and be involved in further research, we hope to open interviews in 2020 to explore the findings from this study in more depth. You will be able to express your interest at the end of this survey.

Thank you for your time and your contribution to this work.