Page 1: Are you ready to take your ability as an inclusive leader to the next level? Could you benefit from being reverse mentored by a member of staff that has a protected characteristic?

Reverse Mentoring Scheme

At the University of Nottingham, we are running a second Reverse Mentoring programme this time specifically for STEMM Staff. This is part of the EPSRC funded STEMM-CHANGE project.

Reverse mentoring is when a person in a senior position (the reverse mentee) is mentored by someone in a more junior position to themselves (the reverse mentor.) In the STEMM-CHANGE project, we will be pairing up UoN staff in STEMM disciplines who have protected characteristics or under-represented differences with senior staff. These include:

  • LGBTQ Staff
  • Staff with disabilities
  • BAME Staff
  • Women
  • People with caring responsibilities
  • People with flexible work patterns

The aim is to give senior UoN Staff working in STEMM subjects an insight into what it is like to be someone with an under-represented difference at the University of Nottingham. The programme provides an opportunity for UoN staff to engage in honest, open and respectful conversations about the experiences of people with a range of social characteristics and identities, the opportunities that diversity offers and the barriers that staff with some social characteristics face in STEMM subjects.  We believe that the insights generated through these relationships will contribute to improving the educational and professional experience of our diverse Staff community, contribute to the overall inclusive culture and ultimately, the performance and success of the University. 


Who can be a reverse mentee?

We are looking for staff in any key role or with any responsibility for staff and students to participate. Any member of academic, APM or technical staff who is a manager, line manager or other leader who believes they would benefit from spending time with a member of staff from a protected characteristic group can be a reverse mentee. Senior leaders will gain insight into the “real life” social and professional experiences of staff from different backgrounds. Reverse mentors will help leaders to deeply reflect upon and challenge their attitudes to inclusion and how this influence the organisation’s culture and the leader's individual role. 


What will being a reverse mentee involve?

This reverse mentoring project is sponsored by the UoN leadership and the Vice Chancellor herself has been in a reverse mentoring relationship with a junior BME colleague for the last few months.

Preparation and support will be available for mentees throughout the process.

Mentees will be expected to 

  • fully commit to engaging in the one to one reverse mentor/mentee relationship for 6 months 
  • attend a two hour preparation session in February or March.  
  • attend 6 reverse mentoring meetings during the 6 months

Reverse mentees will have access to optional facilitated reflection and the scheme will be evaluated by a team of staff.


What are the benefits of being reverse mentored?

Being reverse mentored offers a unique opportunity for leaders to engage in an intentional and sustained manner with staff from a range of backgrounds, communities and at different levels of the organisation. During this six month, one-to-one relationship, you will gain deeper understanding of how inclusive UoN is from the perspective of staff who have protected characteristics. You will gain insight into the talent of these staff, some of the barriers they face and how the organisation can improve in these areas. The relationship can contribute to the development of your thought diversity as you gain access to the different perspective of your reverse mentor on some of the dilemmas you face in your role. This intervention has the potential to enhance your ability as an inclusive leader and culturally intelligent worker.  


Who is running and evaluating the reverse mentoring programme?

The STEMM-CHANGE Project is funded by the EPSRC. The project is being designed, delivered and evaluated by a team of staff at the University of Nottingham, led by Stacy Johnson, School of Health Sciences and supported by Lucy Williams, Project Officer.

The project is currently only open to staff at the UK campuses.

Stacy says “reverse mentoring seeks to raise standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK Higher Education sector by redistributing the power in organisations and disrupting traditional power hierarchies that perpetuate disadvantage for certain groups. I am always impressed by the courage of reverse mentors and reverse mentees


If you would like to sign up

If you would like to be reverse mentored, please complete the expression of interest form below by Monday 3rd February 2020.

Completing the sign-up sheet should take about 10-15 minutes. You do not have to complete the form all at once. You can save and return to it later. Just click "Finish Later" and follow the instructions to save. 

If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, contact

Thank you for participating in this important work.

Stacy Johnson


Collection of personal information. 

In the form, we will be collecting personal information about you, including gender, disability, sexual orientation and ethnicity data, in order to be able to contact you to give you further information about the reverse mentoring scheme, to help with pairing you up with a reverse mentor and to arrange preparation and support for you. We will also use the data to monitor how many staff with different characteristics participate in the scheme. Your name will be removed from the monitoring data. We will be evaluating the scheme and you will be offered the opportunity separately to participate in the evaluation.  All questions are optional and you can withdraw from completing the form at any time. 


Privacy Notice: The University of Nottingham processes your personal data in order to provide its service to you. Please visit for our Privacy Notices, which explain how we process your personal data and the rights you have with respect to your personal information. Specific information on the purposes for which we process your data and the legal bases for this is available at

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