Page 1: Introduction

The survey
Help us to improve your libraries by telling us what you think in our annual Library Survey for 2019. We are particularly keen to hear your thoughts about the resources (e.g., books and journals) we provide, our library buildings, and the help and support we offer. If you want to tell us something else about your experience of the libraries there is an open text comment box.

Your response will help us to improve our services so that they better meet our users' needs. The survey should take 15 minutes to complete.

After the survey
We will use the results of this survey to inform changes and improvements to our service. Any changes we make will be clearly communicated via our blog, website and Twitter channels. All data collected in this survey will remain anonymous.

Prize draw
As a thank you for participating, we are offering you the chance to win one of three £50 Amazon vouchers. If you’d like to take part, please leave your email address at the end of the survey. We will not look at your responses in connection with your email address – we will use your anonymised responses to help improve our services and your email address for the prize draw only. All email data will be deleted once the prize draw has taken place.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may choose not to participate by closing down the survey at any time. 

1.1. Clicking on the "Agree" option below indicates that: a) you have read the above information; and, b) you consent to your data being used for the purposes of this research. If you do not wish to participate in this research, please close the survey. Required