The COACH trial - Introduction

The COACH trial

A randomised controlled trial of cochlear implantation versus hearing aids in adults with severe hearing loss

We invite you to apply to join us as a trial steering committee member

What is this study about?

In the UK, a cochlear implant may be offered if an adult can only hear volumes of 80 decibels and above. We don’t know if adults who have slightly better hearing would get more benefit from hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

We want to know if adults who can hear lower volumes, down to 70 decibels should be offered a cochlear implant. We will run a clinical trial to find out.

Why do we need you?

Researchers may not know what it is like to live with hearing loss nor listen through hearing aids or cochlear implants. Your life experience relating to hearing loss is invaluable. We need you to advise the researchers on:

  • When and how to approach people who could take part.
  • What people will need and want to know before taking part.
  • How to keep participants informed during the trial. 
  • Issues that might arise during the trial.
  • Making sense of the data collected.
  • How to share the results with professionals and the public.

What are we inviting you to do?

  • We would like you to apply to join the trial steering committee for the study as a public research partner.
  • The trial steering committee is the executive body that has overall oversight of the trial.
  • The trial steering committee meets annually to review study progress.
  • In line with current COVID safety concerns, we will hold meetings online, until the situation changes.
  • No training is necessary but experience of contributing to meetings is desirable.

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