Page 1: Survey aims

The purpose of this survey is to gather information to build and populate a policy-making decision tool. The tool will aid those making decisions on developing interventions aimed at improving the transitions of young people into employment or eduction.  We need to gather the type of information that a policy maker would use to define a programme and information that shows how successful the programme is. 

The more information we have on specific interventions and their outcomes, the stronger the tool.  We would therefore be grateful for as much information as feasible in relation to the intervention in which you are or were involved.  All of the 32 questions in this survey are optional. Questions are asked in the present tense but apply equally if your intervention is completed or no longer running.  If  you have information in the form of annual reports or evaluations which provides similar information to that requested in the survey please email these to us if this is more convenient than completing the survey.

The term intervention is used to refer to a project, programme or activity, aimed at helping young people (those broadly in the 15-24 age group) who are either unemployed, not in any employment, education or training (NEET) or at risk of becoming unemployed/NEET.