Project Title: Exploring Notions of Blockchain-Based Trust in Supply Chain Management

Nottingham University Business School Ethics: Approved

Funded by: Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training & Digital Catapult Centre 


Thank you for agreeing to participate in this study. Your participation is voluntary, and you may change your mind about being involved in the research at any time, and without providing a reason. The next section is designed to give you full details of the research project, its goals, the research team and what you will be asked to do as part of this study.

Who is carrying out the research
The research is being carried out as part of the PhD in Digital Economy at Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training, University of Nottingham. The principal investigator is Symeon Dionysis while the main supervisors of this project are Prof Thomas Chesney (Nottingham University Business School) and Prof Derek McAuley (Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute). 

What is the research about
The current project explores the views and perceptions of consumers around blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies applications in supply chain management and food traceability. Since its emergence in 2009, a variety of potential applications have been proposed that utilize different forms of blockchain and Distributed Ledger protocols, either in terms of rearranging existing infrastructures or in terms of creating new economic value. One of the most discussed applications both in industry and academia is supply chain management in the food industry.

Although the amount of academic and industry research is ample in this field, it mostly focuses on the technical infrastructure that is required for the development of these systems. The implications, however, for the biggest stakeholder of this industry, that is the consumer, have been missing from the literature.

To fill that knowledge gap, we are conducting a questionnaire examining consumer views and purchasing intentions towards blockchain traceable products as well as identifying their psychosocial determinants. The data gathered, will help us in designing choice experiments on blockchain implementations in the food supply chain (next stage of research) that will eventually answer our main research question: How is the new form of “algorithmic trust” that blockchain technologies introduce will be perceived by consumers and does it differ from “institutional & organizational trust” or trust in a third-party provider that most current consumer interactions are based on?

Nature of Participation 
Participation in the study is entirely voluntary. No prior knowledge of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies is required, although people familiar with the technologies are more than welcomed to participate.

What will research participants be asked to do
You will be asked to answer an online questionnaire. First, you will be presented with two organic coffee products, one supported by a UTZ certification and one supported by a blockchain traceability certification, along with corresponding descriptions and information about the two certification schemes. Next, there will be a few demographic information, followed by a series of questions exploring your views, perceptions and attitudes on these two products as well as your purchasing intentions.

There are no right or wrong answers and all questions are exploratory in their nature. There are no risks associated with your participation. The questionnaire should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

What will happen to the information I provide
All data collected will be stored securely on password-protected University-approved research storage in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and will be fully anonymized. Only the research team will have authorized access to the full collected data. The data collected through this questionnaire will help us design further research in order to explore what blockchain means for the end consumer in the food industry. We are also aiming to use the data for peer-reviewed publications and conference papers. However, please note that any materials produced will not identify you in any way.

Future use of my data
Your data may be archived and reused in the future for creating further materials related to our research.

Withdrawing from the study
Taking part is entirely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at any time without giving a reason. Once withdrawn, any data directly linked to you will not be included in any further work and will be deleted, if possible.

If you wish to withdraw, please contact Symeon Dionysis quoting you Completion Receipt Number (provided at the end of the survey). If you receive no response from the researcher, please contact the Nottingham University Business School Research Ethics Committee Officer (contact details are provided at the bottom of the page).


Privacy information for research participants
For information about the University’s obligations with respect to your data, who you can get in touch with and your rights as a data subject, please visit:

Why we collect your personal data
We collect personal data under the terms of the University’s Royal Charter in our capacity as a teaching and research body to advance education and learning. Specific purposes for data collection on this occasion are exploring the perceptions and understanding of potential users/consumers of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies as well as how they interact with these emerging systems.

The Legal Basis for processing your personal data under GDPR
Under the General Data Protection Regulation, the University must establish a legal basis for processing your personal data and communicating this to you. The legal basis for processing your personal data on this occasion is Article 6(1e) processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest.

How long we keep your data
The University may store your data for up to 25 years and for a period of no less than 7 years after the research project finishes. The researchers who gathered or processed the data may also store the data indefinitely and reuse it in future research. Measure to safeguard your data includes anonymization of data, with specific participants not being identifiable beyond a participant number under which their anonymized data is recorded and collected. The raw data collected will not be available to others, besides the research team of this project. The data will be stored in password protected, university approved storage.

Who we share your data with
Extracts of your data may be disclosed in published works that are posted online for use by the scientific community. Your data may also be stored indefinitely on external data repositories (e.g., the UK Data Archive) and be further processed for archiving purposes in the public interest, or for historical, scientific or statistical purposes. It may also move with the researcher who collected your data to another institution in the future. Extracts of your data may also be shared with the Digital Catapult Centre who is partly funding this research.


Taking Part in the study

  1. I have understood the project information sheet or it has been read to me.
  2. I consent voluntarily to be a participant in this study and understand that I can refuse to answer questions and I can withdraw from the study at any time, without having to give a reason.
  3. I understand that taking part in this study requires me to provide data and that this will involve completing an online questionnaire

Use of my data in the study

  1. I understand that data which can identify me will not be shared beyond the project team.
  2. I agree that the data provided by me may be used for the following purposes:

       - Presentation and discussion of the project and its results in research 
         activities (e.g., in supervision sessions, project meetings, conferences).

       - Publications and reports describing the project and its results.

       - Dissemination of the project and its results, including publication of       
         data on web pages and databases.

Reuse of my Data

I give permission for the data I provide to be reused for the sole purpose of future research and learning.

Security of my Data

  1. I understand that safeguards will be put in place to protect my identity and my data during the research and if my data is kept for future use.

  2. I confirm that a written copy of these safeguards has been given to me in the University’s Privacy Notice, and that they have been described to me and are acceptable to me.
  3. I understand that no computer system is completely secure and there is a risk that a third party could obtain a copy of my data.


I give permission for data gathered during this project to be used, copied, excerpted, annotated, displayed and distributed for the purposes to which I have consented.


I confirm that I have read the previous information and agree to take part in this study: